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The Beginning



We started in January of 2014 by trashing our old NTRAK modules, salvaging the UNITRAK and wiring.  Prior to that, we each place and order with T-KIT.com a group of modules that would give us each enough kits to have a complete oval.  Individually we built each kit, sharing ideas on how to best put them together.  Once complete, we put down a basic double Unitrak and started to run trains.

We came together and brainstormed ideas for the modules.  Since we still had buildings from the NTRAK modules, we came up with ways to make them work on T-Trak modules.  With we had an idea for our first show which was the Columbus N Scale weekend in Columbus, OH in May of 2014.


Though we felt constrained by the small radius of the T-KITS/T-Trak standard 180 curve module.  Our group enjoys running longer cars such as passenger and freight.  The smaller radius just look kinked and cramped.  We came up with to home built modules that would use the largest radius Kato makes, the double track, super elevated 19” radius.   We use a small straight as each end of the curve for the cars to recover from the curve and head to or from the modules a each of the curve.  We used in the NTRAK module days with our corner modules that had these same super elevated curves.  The short straight track allows the cars easily transition smoother to and from the curve.


 Along with these new endcap modules, we also used the UNITRAM with streets that we had on the old NTRAK modules.  We used 2 T-TRAK double modules and worked the streets to have an intersection whe the two double came together.

Lastly for this show, we di 2 triples that we incorporated the Kato Overhead Station and split the double trak with a passing siding on either side of the mains.  We have plans to add flat front buildings as a back drop behind the module with smaller scenes in and around the station.


The show was a rounding success with many complements from fellow N Scalers and public at the show.



July Greenberg Show:


After the Columbus show, our attention turned to the July Greenberg Train Show.  We built upon the current modules and looked to have even more at this show.   As is the case with the Greenberg Show, we were ready, but due to space, we were forced to do a similar oval like we had at Columbus.  It worked and the show as another success.


Bedford N Scale Weekend:

We have done this show for the last 9 years, the first when two of us went to sell some stuff.  At this show in August of 2014 was our most ambitious to date for the new modules  We drew up a plan that was shape like a U, with the two new large radius endcaps creating the tip of each leg of the U.  We also needed large radius 90 curves, so we created a large square module to hold that track.  Again we used a small double track straight section to ease the transition to and from the curve.


We added more scenery to the modules and utilized two of the T-TRAK standard endcap modules as straight modules.  The first one the large Tomix bridge was used to span a river.  The module was turned upside down, 2’ insulation foam cut to fit a embankments for a river.  The bridge set with bridge pears and the sides cut down.  Plaster cast rocks and rock cropping’s were added to both sides of the river and stained and weathered.  Rocks were placed in the bed of the river then Magic Water was applied to fill in the river after the main scenery was in place and then areas back filled to resemble marshy areas along the river bank. The other endcap also has 2 Kato single trak bridges offset on a small curve on it with river.  Again Magic Water was applied after scenery then additional scenery added for marshy banks along the river.


Our member the group who is into Steel modeling had the beginnings of his steel modules.  He had a module with a building with an open side to the public showing a massive rolling mill.  His modules as well as the other modules received numerous complements.  Lot of photos were taken of our modules.







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