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Pittsburgh Lite Trak was formed over 15 years by group of guys that started with traditional NTRAK modules and standards.  The group over timed transitioned to a light weight modules, Kato Unitrak and a free flowing design in N Scale modeling.  A light weight frame with foam insulation base were built and used with changes and modifications.  These modules lasted until earlier in 2014.


As time had moved forward and things changed, the group grew smaller and smaller to where there were just 4 of us left.  Doing the shows with 4 guys to setup and tear downs with the large layout we had was too much work and not a lot fun.  We had looked at T-Trak from a far over the years, until late in 2013.  We looked at the concept thoroughly and with little debate, we made the plunge into T-Trak.


Our old modules were stripped of all the Kato Unitrak and wiring and then along with our beat up old trailer, taken to the local junk yard for scrap.  With an order of module from T-kits.com, we started building in January of 2014. By May we had enough modules built to make the Columbus N-Scale weekend.  It was a rounding success.  Since then we have done 3 more shows, 2 Greenberg shows and the Bedford N Scale weekend.  With each show we have improved, with the eye to future.


When we started, we followed the T-Trak manual for modules.  As we all like to run long cars such as passenger cars and large freight cars, the tight radius that are used in traditional T-Trak became limiting.  We decided to utilize the larger radius super elevated banked track from Kato makes.  We built 90 degree and 180 degree modules with this track and it allows for more natural flow as the train passes through the curves.  We will have a page dedicated to these modules and how we utilize them.


We are 100% DCC utilizing Digitrax products.  We utilized the wiring that we salvaged to create a bus system and loconet for DCC throttles.  With T-Trak our wiring had to be manageable. Utilizing the Anderson Power Pole systems, each module is wired so that is compact, neat and serviceable.  Our setup time is less than an hour with tear down in 20 minutes out the door.


Please check out our site.  We have photos of the old modules.  After we each show, we will update new gallery page of photos.  The first gallery has photos from the first few shows.  We hope you enjoy your visit and check back regularly as we plan on adding information on wiring and building of the modules as well as layout plans for each show.





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